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 Vincent Valentine

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Vincent Valentine

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PostSubject: Vincent Valentine   Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:08 am

Name: Vincent Valentine

Age: 27

Blood Type: A

Birthdate: October 13th

Hometown: Unknown

Height: 184cm

Weight: 73 kg

Appearance: Vincent is a tall, dark and moody character with long, un-kept hair. He wears a tattered and torn red cloak which covers the bottom of his face and held on with a number of buckles, under the cloak he has black clothes. On his left forearm he has a gunlet which ends with formidable talons.


Personality: Quiet, Loner

Occupation: Unemployed, ex-Turks

Weapon: "Cerberus" - Gun: a three-barreled which has a Cerberus emblem on a chain hanging from the handle giving it its name.

Limit Break: Chaos- Vincent transforms into a malevolent winged demon and attacks the enemy with Chaos Saber and Satan Slam along with his weapon, the Death Penalty.

Materia: Blizzard

History: Vincent Valentine was a Turk and was selected to supervise the science project led by his farther, Grimoire Valentine. He fell in love a scientist who was assisting Grimoire in the project, called Lucrecia Crescent. When Grimoire died Lucrecia left Vincent, because she felt guilty about his fatherís death. Vincent later catches up with Lucrecia when observing the Jenova Project based in Nibelheim led by Professor Gast. Here Vincent proposed to Lucrecia but she turned him down and started a relationship with Hojo who was also working on the Jenova Project.

Lucrecia fell pregnant for the baby to become the next experiment, the effects of Jenova Cells on an unborn child. Vincent objected to using living subjects being experimented on, especially Lucrecia but she continued regardless. The experiment made her become increasingly ill and Vincent confronted Hojo about it. Hojo ended the conflict by shooting Vincent in the stomach. Hojo then shut him in a Lifestream Pod in the Mount Nibel Mako Reactor where Lucrecia infected Vincent with contaminated Mako, G Substance, and became Chaos.

Vincent, being influenced by Chaos, filled with rage and broke free of his pod, Lucrecia used some meteria that could control Chaos and put Vincent into a deep sleep. When he woke up on the operating table in the basement of Shin-Ra Mansion but Hojo and Lucrecia had already gone. Vincent was distraught with rage about the modifications to his body and shut himself in the coffin. Hojo locks the coffin and the room, places the key in the safe and hides the combination and sets out the clues to find it again.
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Vincent Valentine
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