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 Seito Sanzen

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Seito Sanzen

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PostSubject: Seito Sanzen   Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:44 pm

Name: Seito Sanzen

Age: 18

Birthdate: May 30th

Hometown: North Corel

Blood Type: A-

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120 pounds


Personality: Seito is a quiet woman who doesn't mind fighting and will only protect children. She smiles sometimes, but is mostly silent.

Occupation: Mercenary

Weapon: Fists - Work Gloves

Limit Break: Jawbreaker - one punch is bone-breaking

Materia: Ice

History: Seito was born in North Corel, and grew up mostly around the males when her mother died giving birth to her. She was physically tough, and aided the men in working, and if one of them said anything perverted about her she punched them so hard they went unconscious. Five years ago she met a beautiful woman named Maria and fell in love. Maria was already pregnant with her former lover's baby, but Seito didn't mind, and they agreed to treat the child as if they created it. Soon after that they got married. However, Maria was on the run from Shinra, and thought they weren't going to find her in North Corel, but they did. Forgetting that she was pregnant, Maria was shot and soon died. Seito witnessed the odeal, and went into a rage killing the Shinra members. After burying Maria, Seito went into the world, never to return to North Corel again. She searches for information regarding Maria, and who wanted her wife dead.

I will kill anyone who wanted my Maria dead. I will choke the bastard until he dies.
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Seito Sanzen
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