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 Eon Protos

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Eon Protos

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PostSubject: Eon Protos   Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:06 am

Name: Eon Protos

Age: 17

Blood Type:AB+

Birthdate: 3-24-1992

Hometown: Modeohiem

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 173 lbs

Appearance: Caucasion. Wears Green Trench coat with a steel pauldron on his right arm black t-shirt underneath. light brown shorts and steel toed boots Left hand is gloved. Brown Hair, mako blue eyes.

Personality: Calm and researved a bit cockey and overall not too bright

Occupation: Mail boy

Weapon: double bladed sword: (blade 1- 3 feet long) (blade 2- 1 foot long)

Limit Break: Rampant storms- Tornado envelodes me and the furry of nature is seen with torrential rain, hail, wind, and lightning Pelting my opponent(s)

Materia: Bolt

History: Eon lived most of his life delivering mail form city to city so he was rarley home. one day he encountered some monsters who incinerated his mail bag. Feeling the essance of failure Eon quit his job and went out to fight monsters.
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Eon Protos
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