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 Gar the Elementalist

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PostSubject: Gar the Elementalist   Sat May 02, 2009 10:19 am

Name: Gar

Age: Unknown

Blood Type: AB

Birthdate: June 15, ????

Hometown: Unknown

Height: 6"3'

Weight: 150 lbs.


Personality: He can be kind at some times but if you make him mad he (literally) catches on fire.

Occupation: None

Weapon: Fire Spine

Limit Break: Towers of Fire
Gar puts his hands together and charges up(takes about 30 seconds) and when he is done and slams his hands into the ground and ten pillars of fire come up and surround him and he is able to control the direction.
He is only able to do this for 15 seconds.

Materia: Fire

History: At long as he can remember he has been living on the streets and cannot remember his mother, father, or whoever took care of him. But he does remember that when he was a little kid he saw a pair of red dragon eyes and they said "I have chosen you to learn and control my power." And a few nights after that he woke up in the middle of a fire but was unharmed.
And ever since then he has been traveling the world, training and learning how to control his powers.
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Gar the Elementalist
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